5 fashion lessons from Michelle Obama

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She’s sexy, a bit chubby, bright and fascinating. In other words, she was born to be the first lady. Michelle Obama has at least one more mandate to be in charge as a fashion queen. She’s a perfect example for having style without being skinny. There’s a lot to learn from her!
48 year-old Michelle Obama has beautiful arms and legs, that’s why she doesn’t hesitate showing them all the time. Long night dresses are her favorite because they accentuate her tight arm muscles. The first lady combines long heels with classic skirts – that’s how she underlines the beauty of the ankles.


The beautiful night dress and the elegant tailor suit are perfect choice for a lady, but that’s just the beginning. Michelle Obama underlines her style with the help of different accessories. She often wears drop-like ear-rings, bracelets and necklaces in a funky style that are far away from the traditional pearl necklace. Michelle wears brooches close to her neck opening or hanging from a simple necklace. She’s also got an affinity to belts that accentuate her waist and add fashion look to the simplest clothes.

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Keeping it sharp:
Mrs. Obama is a customer of the biggest designer…and the smallest retailers. She was noticed wearing brands such as J. Crew Talbots and clothes bought from Target. Michelle often puts on a belt that costs much more than the rest of her outfit. She also wears blouses bought from mass retailers in a combination with extremely expensive dresses.