A List of Top Designer Clothing Brands

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Everyone wants to look different and stand out among the crowd. That’s one of the main reasons why people buy designer clothes. In this post, we have prepared a list of top designer clothing brands, which we hope can help orient you in the vast world of fashion.

If you want to look stylish and elegant, Armani is among the top designer clothing brands you should be looking for. As Giorgio Armani says, ‘When I think about elegance, I think of how one achieves it only by silencing the loud trends.’ You won’t see dramatic changes in the new Armani collections every season. The clothing items follow the same elegant style, taking the best of the current trends. Your stylish appearance is not created by Armani. Style is something you own, created by using Armani.


If you like the minimalist look in fashion, but want to look stylish and fashionable, the Prada should be your brand of choice among the top designer clothing brands. You will definitely get the attention of everyone, but without consciously trying to. The fine taste lines of Prada are suitable for a broad range of personalities, age groups and social statuses. The most impressive features of Prada include minimalistic designs, few contrasting colors, simple patterns and innovative fabrics.


If you’re a fan of the urban-style fashion, but want to look sophisticated, then you should go for Calvin Klein. The main concept of Calvin Klein is that less is more. As Calvin Klein himself says, ‘I’ve always had a clear design philosophy and point of view about being modern, sophisticated, sexy, clean and minimal.’ The unique style of Calvin Klein is oriented towards practically designed clothes without too many heavy jewelry and accessories.

Calvin Klein

These are just a few of our practical suggestions for top designer clothing brands. If you want to contribute to this post, you can share with us your favorite designer brands and what you like about them the most. We hope we’ve been helpful at least a little bit.



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