A poncho instead of a shawl or a coat

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A poncho is a traditional garment of the South American people. The European designers started to include it in their collections in the early sixties of the 20th century.Today’s version is quite different from the original but is still attractive and fashionable.In Mexico, ponchos are made of llama wool. In most boutiques and shops around the world you will find models made of wool, cashmere, Angora wool. During this season, many models are made of wool and cashmere.


The colors are mainly in the palette of brown, brick-red and dark green. When putting the poncho on a skirt or a suit, choose a plain model without unnecessary ornaments – tassels, pockets, etc. If you’re wearing a poncho with sports clothes (e.g. jeans), you can combine them with more cheerful colors and patterns.You can also combine a poncho with slim-fit pants, skirts (various lengths), even with an evening dress. Don’t combine it with loose clothes because it will give your appearance a “baggy” look.


It is not a coincidence why designers all around the world love ponchos – they are simply a universal garment. The free-falling cloth hides elegantly some defects of one’s figure. Patterns vary – ranging from the traditional two pieces of fabric with an opening for the head in the middle and get to flared options or models in patchwork style.The poncho is a warm piece of clothing that doesn’t create excessive volume. It can be worn as a lightweight or a thick shawl.The effects of the beautiful and elegant poncho can be complemented by a proper selection of a hat and gloves. The gloves can be made of leather and cover your arms up till the elbows. This option will add style to your look. Some casual ponchos feature a few pockets, tassels, belts and buttons. kcs_313cf5f2 (1)