A true story out of the fairytale books – the fabulous life of Nina Ricci

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I am pretty confident that there is almost no one out there with a taste for fashion perfumes that has not heard of Nina Ricci. This time, however, I would like to do a different reading of her life, simply because there is so much to learn from what she experienced in the turbulent years of her life. As for the leading perfume brand, it is worth pointing out that it was only created once the popular fashion icon was already in her prime with the help of her talented son – Robert.

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Nina Ricci was actually born under a different name – Maria Adelaide Nielli. One of today’s biggest names in the fashion industry was of Italian origin; she was born in Turin in 1883. At the age of five her family moved to Florence. Eight years later the family was on the move again, this time the destination was Monte Carlo. These restless years came as a result of her father’s attempts to make a living as a shoemaker, attempts which were hardly awarded with the fruits of success. A year after the family came to Monte Carlo Maria made her first step into the fashion word by beginning her apprenticeship at a dressmaker’s.



Maria’s life was soon to develop immensely. A year later she started working alongside her mother and older sister at the local Haberdashery shop, while the evenings were occupied mainly with her apprenticeship as a seamstress. Soon Maria got a job in a fashion house, where her responsibilities were to fix hems and sew buttons. It was not long before she became the leading seamstress of the house. One thing lead to another and Maria started sewing her own dresses and gowns based on her fashion models, which did not go unnoticed – gradually the Parisian bourgeoisie developed a healthy interest in her dresses.

The next important step in her life was her marriage to an Italian jewelry maker and composer, a step which gave her new family name – Ricci. Soon Maria Ricci became popular under her nickname – Nina Ricci. Four years after her marriage she started her career at the Raffin fashion house – a career that lasted for no less than 20 years. Her son Robert had an immensely important impact in her life. With his help and support Nina managed to create her own fashion house – the brand of Nina Ricci which we all know nowadays.