Add some autumn colors in your hair

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The deeper into the autumn season we go, the stronger the hair color tendencies become. Therefore, we are about to present to you the leading trends, which will guide you through and will help you add those splendid autumn colors in your hair.

Let us start by saying that your personal style, the color of your eyes as well as your complexion play (and this is how it should be) a leading role in your choice of hair color. On the other hand it is always smart to keep track with the latest trends. The good thing is that for this fall, the leading hair stylists offer a wide range of hair colors and nuances, so that you will find something suitable for yourself by all means.



One of the most importing elements in the whole process of dying your hair is the color choice. Note that the shade you see on the dye box is for guidance purposes only. Before the actual dye comes into contact with the pigment of your hair, you cannot really be sure what the results will be. Even though many of the beauty studios have samples, you should know that they are based on synthetic hairs, so once again this will only serve as an indication and cannot guarantee the end color. The best way to go about it would be to pick a slightly lighter nuance of your favorite color. Pay attention to the diagram on the dye box, which will advise you on the natural hair color that goes best with the corresponding dye.



We will round the post up by giving you the three important steps which will help you add those autumn colors in your hair. Start by adding some preparatory cream, which will conceal the rough segments of your hairs and will provide for a thicker and richer color. The recommended volume is about 15 ml. After that, apply the dye you have selected by merging 70 ml of the lotion and 48 ml of the color cream. The last piece of the puzzle would be to use conditioner, which will underline the hair nuances and will give you that shiny, healthy look.



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