Appears Funky with Red Hair with Highlights

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Appears with a funky style is mostly a desire of teenager. I do not know what exactly what kind of funky style it is. But, in my opinion, funky style is like an experimental style among young people. Time ago, along in 1990s, funky style is so happening trend in teenager. Especially, when most of teenagers are not discovering their identity yet. Funky style is usually used by teenager with many other experimental styles. Generally, funky style indicated by blink-blink belt, or cheerful motifs in some outfits, shape the hair with a strange hair style, etc. The other funky style also indicated with unusual hair color like red hair with highlight.

Red Highlights in Brown Hair

We cannot call people with extreme hair color is weirdo. Because, several people have their own personality whose different with another people. For them, make an extreme or unusual hair color is their way to make comfortable feeling, to express their feeling, to reflect their personality, or may other of reasons. With red hair with highlight they might be want to express their expressive character or their bold character. Maybe if you have some friends who have red hair, you can ask them for the exact reason they coloring their hair with red.

Red Medium Hairstyles

How to Highlight Natural Red Hair

If we are to afraid to try strange color for hair like red hair with highlights,  we can also use wig or fake hair models. It is more practically, efficient, and also safe. Because with using wig, our hair is can still healthy without chemical hair coloring and we can try or change many kinds color, even hair model that we want. We just choose what kinds of hair highlight or hair color or hair model that suits with our heart feeling at that time. With wig you can also express your character and look stylist with many kinds of models