Awesome PRADA sunglasses for summer 2013

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The process of purchasing sunglasses always starts with the question – a classic model, a trendy model or an aviator model. Don’t get me wrong but if you want to look trendy you have to be in step with fashion. If you are still testing the color and form that will suit your face, the following is a couple of recommendations straight from the fashion podium. Check out our gallery



The key words for sunglasses this season is ultra-modern, chic and retro. If you want new and modern pair of glasses, the new PRADA collection is the right place to start.

During the new season you have to check out the new fashion trends. Sunglasses are one of the easiest ways to add on some freshness to your appearance. The famous brand PRADA offers us an awesome collection of sunglasses that has models with different colorful frameworks and glasses.





Check out the new spring collection of PRADA and choose a model that suits your preferences and style. You can find marine, retro and chic models, as well as aviator glasses that can change your appearance to unrecognizability. Add a modern touch to your appearance with the new products from PRADA.