Beautiful earrings for your little princess

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A lot of little girls are wearing earrings and there’s a chance your little princess will want a pair as well. Taking a child to get her ears pierced is not the same as getting a piercing yourself. You need to know how to choose the right pair of earrings for your little girl.

Your kid will probably start out with a pair of simple studs. Later, when her ears heal, you can choose a pair or beautiful earrings, which will make her look and feel like a little princess. She will have to learn to be careful not to loose her new earrings or parts of them.


It is a good idea to look for earrings, which will be easy to find, if the kids drops them on the floor. Be careful with your choice of earrings. If you little girl find them interesting to play with, she will probably do this all the time. This could make the earrings come loose or make the holes more sensitive.

Earrings with French hook are more appropriate for older children, because they are more difficult to arrange and considerable easier to take out. Although the easy removal may seem to be a perk, consider if your kid is likely to take them out often to play with them.


Besides the shape of the earrings, another important thing to consider is the material they are made of. Gold earrings are quite often made from gold allow with nickel included. Nickel may cause allergies. That’s why you may want to consider buying hypoallergenic earrings with no nickel.

When choosing a pair of earrings for a little girl, keep in mind that smaller sizes are easier to lose, while bigger earrings may make your kid want to play with them more often. That’s why it is best to choose middle-sized earrings.

heart-shaped earrings

When you are looking for earrings for your little princess, you may want to let her decide. Explain to her what kind of earrings she can have and let her make the decision. After all, it’s her ears they’ll be decorating.



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