Being as Beautiful as Kristen Stewart with Twilight Wedding Dress

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Do you ever watch Twilight movie? A movie that played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen is a vampire that loves a girl that played Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan. But finally, they were married. Twilight is kind of romantic horror movie that become a favorite movie among pre-teen. That really impressive from this movie is the twilight wedding dress that worn by Bella Swan when she were married with Edward Cullen. This wedding dress then becomes a new fashion in model of wedding dress.  If you do not know already about this wedding dress, check the next chapter out! I will explain what is Twilight wedding dress.

Twilight Wedding Dress in Bella's Dream

Twilight wedding dress is wedding dress that worn by Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan the Twilight movie, when she were married with Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. The dress was a white wedding dress with mermaid shape in the bottom and with long tight sleeves too. Then, in the back, it has transparent side that displays the beautiful back of Bella Swan or Kristen Stewart. This kind of wedding dress is one kind of wedding dress movie that then became a new trend of wedding dress that also can be worn for public people.

Twilight Wedding Dress Alfred Angelo

Twilight Wedding Dress Buy

If you like the model of this wedding dress, you can make this kind of wedding dress design for your own wedding dress. This Twilight wedding dress design can make you look elegant, grateful, and beautiful in your wedding day. Maybe you can also try to have the venue of Twilight wedding party, so the atmosphere can be more memorable. If you try it, I sure that your wedding day will become unforgettable wedding party ever. You also can try the Edward Cullen wedding dress for the groom. So that, the Twilight theme in your wedding party have more taste.