Boho Wedding Dress for Bohemian Bride

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I always wonder and feel excited if I see a unique, ethnic style, like a bohemian style. It seems so interesting style for me, especially when people wear this kind of style or make some occasion with this kind of theme.  It just like another simple style, but I don’t know, it still beautiful and dazzling. Bohemian style itself is a style that blend hippie, gypsy, ethnic, and vintage style. With those fusions, it makes a new variety look for you if you wear it. Bohemian style is also called “boho” style. Boho style impressed us with these kinds of feel: natural, peaceful, and free. Boho wedding dress also somekind of wedding dress that can make those impressions.

Boho Wedding Dress Beach

When we have garden wedding party or beach wedding party, boho wedding dress is a great answer for the wardrobe. Because the theme which is close to nature, make that wedding dress is like a perfect fusion. You can have a beautiful, happy, warm wedding party. It also make the wedding party does not look very formal, but it even lounge and fun. Everybody whose come and join, will feel the strong bond between the bridegroom, the occasion, family, and the nature. And all of guest invitation would had such a great impression after they are going home.

Boho Wedding Dress Tumblr

Vintage Boho Wedding Dress

Boho wedding dress is can be called by us as a simple gorgeous wedding dress. Braided hair can become the perfect hairstyle if you have boho wedding dress with bohemian wedding theme. Moreover, if you put some little flower or a flower crown to decorates your wedding hairstyle. For the groom, tuxedo or elegant suits is still the perfect couple for the boho wedding dress. With those kinds of wardrome the bride and the groom will look really a great bridegroom ever.