Cargo Shorts Style for Men

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Are you a man who loves a casual attire and appearance? I have something for you: cargo short style. This short is really a cool style for you who love to have casual but still catchy appearance. I sure because I always have the same opinion if I saw a man with a shirt or t-shirt and wearing cargo short and shoes. I just feel that I want to become his girlfriends, just kidding. Yes, men with cargo short style is totally cool and eye catchy. Maybe you could wear it for hanging around, travelling, or just do some casual activity wherever.

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Cargo short style is short for men that have many pockets, and usually colored black, moss, brown, camouflage. This cargo pants possibly and facilitate men to bring some things. Because, cargo pants a lot of pockets in side, in back side, and in thigh side. But of course, it does not mean that you have to full fill your pockets with many things until you look like walking sacks. You just could fill your pocket with wallet, key, lighter, cigarette, and mobile phone. Just for tiny and light things. It is not an extra bag, so do not to fill it with many kinds of stuff.

Cargo Shorts Style

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Cargo short style also could be combined with shirt, t-shirt, plain sweater, sandals, boots, sneakers, or any kinds of footwear. You could also wear it for hiking, exercise, workout, or just hanging around. There are many kinds of cargo short style that could be followed by you: Cargo shorts, stripes and jacket; polo shirt, cargo short, golf hat, and golf shoes; cargo short, shirt, belt, and boots for work, etc. Those are just a several style of cargo short combination.    You could just have some experiment or follow some celebrities style with Cargo short like David Beckham.