Cascade haircut – The all-time evergreen

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The cascade haircut is always among the most preferred hairstyles no matter what the current trends and tendencies are. It is very often that people refer to it as layered cut, since this is exactly what the hair strands resemble. With this article, we endeavor to reveal the factors behind the immense success of this hairstyle.

The truth is that it has all the advantages that women cherish in today’s hectic times: it is not time-consuming, it is easy to maintain, it goes well with any dress code and it is by no means influenced by your face shape.

Starting with the time you need to spend at the beauty studio for this type of haircut, we should point out that this is one of the biggest pros – more and more women become fen of the cascade hairstyle due to the fact that it can be accomplished in a few minutes. So, you will look stylish and modern without having to sit for hours with your stylist. You will not spend a fortune on it either!


Taking care of your hair is essential and demanding, not to mention the time you need to spend on it. And here comes advantage number two – the layered style does not require any special efforts, or any particular cosmetics. As a matter of fact, this hairstyle is even less demanding than if you had no haircut at all. This fact is simply building on its the popularity and explains the numerous followers.

Moving on to the next plus, we need to point out that haircut and dress codes go hand in hand. There are so many examples which go only with one or two particular dressing styles. The good thing is that this is not valid for the layered style. You can be a rock star or a business lady – your hair will look equally magnificent. This is where the universal nature of the style comes from.

To round the post up, let us take a look at the different face shapes and how they go with the cascade hairstyle. We bet many of you have been discouraged by your stylists telling you that a particular haircut would not look good on you because of your face shape. Well, this is officially over. The layered hair strands fall gently around your face and give it a nice oval expression. You will not even have to bother about the shape of your bang if you have one – thick or straight, any shape will look simply outstanding!



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