Cool and creative hand umbrellas

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Umbrellas are the primary things we use to keep us dry in times of snow and rain. Umbrellas also help provide shade from the hot sun. The small umbrellas are used by people and the hug ones can be set on patios, verandas or anywhere outdoors, to provide shade for a group of people.

LED umbrella

Today, we have some modern umbrellas with LED lights. They function just like the regular normal ones, apart from the fact that they have light emitting diodes on them. That is why they are referred to as “modern”. They are mostly made of polyester. They provide a source of light when walking in the dark or when the conditions are harsh and vision is limited like during heavy snow and rain.

modern umbrellas

The advancement in the structure and materials used today, have made umbrellas and stretchers more feasible and lighter. Another cool and creative umbrella design is the Goggles umbrella. It has a transparent goggle shaped design on it which allows you to see everything without having to lift the umbrella over your head.


Umbrellas such as the full body ones will help keep you 100% dry. They not only cover all your body, but are also very light and easy to handle and walk around with. The full body umbrella is the future.


The Dualbrella is designed for two people. It is the merger of two umbrellas. It helps eliminate the jockeying for position that occurs when two people compete for adequate coverage underneath a typical umbrella.

coffee holder umbrella

The cup holder umbrella has a handle that will let you hold a paper cup or a coffee cup while holding onto the umbrella. This is great for coffee lovers that live in places or cities that are always exposed to rain.

There are many more innovative ideas for designing umbrellas and even you, yourself, can come up with some. Tell us what you think and which umbrella you favor the most.



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