Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

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Coming up with some unique wedding photo ideas can be a struggle, unless, of course, you find a really good photographer, who is very creative with his work. Alternatively, you can go with the traditional wedding portraits, but most people prefer some creative work, which will set their wedding apart from the weddings of their friends and family. In this post, we will show you some outside-the-box approaches to the traditional wedding photo.

Your photographer should be able to suggest some interesting wedding photo poses and angles, but don’t be afraid to share your own ideas. This way you’ll be able to gather more original pictures to make your day memorable. It’s a good idea to do some planning before the actual wedding day. Keep in mind that you’ll only get this one chance to capture the memories from the day. And because it’s easy to forget what you had in mind with all the chaos, you can check out some ideas online and come up with a wedding photo ideas list.

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A great idea is to go a little grunge and do some magazine style wedding photos. What magazines often do is shoot pretty exciting images by juxtaposing two elements, which don’t normally correlate. For example, a photo of a woman in an elegant evening dress, standing in the middle of a hayfield. This idea could be used for a wedding photo. If the bride and groom are willing to experiment, you could get some pretty unique images.

Another creative wedding photo idea is to photograph the bride and groom on a place, where you’re not likely to see them. Here, you need to use your imagination – by the side of an old building, where the white dress would create and incredible contrast against the old bricks, in a junkyard, a deserted ghost town or an amusement park. To get really successful images, the bride and groom must like the idea and embrace the concept.

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If you’re planning your wedding and the photo shoot or you’re going to shoot a wedding, take your time and experiment with different poses and locations. Try all sorts of different wedding photo ideas to how they turn out. We’ll be happy to see your wedding photos.



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