Cute and Pretty Hello Kitty Nails

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Cat is one of the most favorite animal or pet in the world, besides dog, fish, snake, etc. I personally do not like cats. I do not know, I just do not like the nature character of cat. Because, she more refer to bossy. I prefer to dog, because their loyalty to their master and their intelligence.  But of course, people who like cats or kitten have their own reasons. Hello Kitty is one of the most popular cartoon character that liked by many people especially children. Hello kitty has a cute face and always appears with pink and white color. That also one of the reason, girls love them. Hello Kitty nails is one form of the hello kitty which is loved by girls and women.

Draw Hello Kitty Your Nails

Hello Kitty nails is a nail art which is has a hello kitty design. Nevertheless, the design of hello kitty nails is also variety. The designer has a really various design to beatify the nail art lovers or the hello kitty big fans, or maybe both of them. I could imagine how cute the design applied in the girl’s nail. And how the girls trying hard to keep their nail art not have damaged.

Hello Kitty French Nails

Hello Kitty Nails Tumblr

Girls are love hello kitty maybe because of their cute face and their cute color. So that is why hello Kitty nails  art would become a great nail art design that has their own fans. The fans usually have collected all about hello kitty stuff at their home. And of them, they want to make the hello kitty could become in teir nail. If you are one of the hello kitty big fans, there are some designs of hello kitty nail that might be cute and beautiful: glam hello kitty nails, Gorgeous hello kitty nails with bling bows, Weddbook ♥ Black and pink nail art Hello Kitty nail design, etc.