Cute nail designs for the upcoming season

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Spring is just round the corner. That’s why the most vivid colors are making their way not only into the wardrobe but also on the nails. That’s right – the cutest multicolor nail designs are back on trend, bringing style to any outfit. But there is more to it as nail art brings a fresh surprise this year – 3D nail designs become more and more popular. Not only cute, but also very artistic, they come in different styles – from extravagant to sophisticated, feminine or girly.

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Nail art maniacs paint their nails in bright colors such as red, royal blue or even yellow and then decorate them with colorful or graphic images, with beads and sequins, with mini flowers, hearts or even cartoon animals. Imagine how cute would look the nails decorated with a real mini panda or the famous Hello Kitty. The cutest 3D nail designs are certainly extravagant, but they are worth to try as they stand for unique personal style and show special attitude towards fashion and beauty.

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The trendy multicolor nails also come in a more traditional design with floral theme. The colorful flowers are painted directly onto the nails, contrasting or blending with the main color of the nail polish. The classic floral theme also comes in a modern version that includes cute nail designs with mini 3D flowers glued to the nails. Mini roses, peonies, daisies, etc. – the choice is all yours. Even the cutes nail designs only takes a little imagination.