Dos and don’ts of makeup – the wedding day

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There is one event in the life of every woman which requires incredible efforts and excellent planning skills – the wedding day. This is true for every detail of the big day, so naturally the wedding makeup is not an exception. This post aims to give you a few ideas, tricks and pieces of advice that will help you put on the perfect makeup.
It is vital that you look stunning on the day of your marriage – just think of the countless photos which you will be browsing later on. One thing is for sure – you need to look modern and fashionable, so follow the below pieces of advice to make sure you have achieved the desired effect.



Let us start with the blush – choose the paler nuance if you have a white and pale complexion or the darker blush if your skin has a more southern look. As for your lips, keep in mind that the lips create a huge part of the impression that people get from photos. Therefore, neutral nuances or brown shades might be a bit misleading and inappropriate for the wedding shooting. Still, if you are used to the colors, there is a solution – use them to lay the foundation color of your lips and then add some brighter rouge nuance on top. Now, let’s move on to the eyes – apply gently white makeup under the eyebrows if you have pale complexion or opt for the vanilla color in case you have darker skin. Once you have managed to highlight the eyebrows, it is time to take care of them – use tweezers for the right shape. Then it is time to think of the mascara – whatever brand you decide to use it is vital that it is waterproof – there will be so many emotional moments during your wedding, so you need to be sure that the mascara will not start dripping from your eyelashes.
Now that the better part of your face has been taken care of it is time to think of the lipstick. I will not get into the deep here; just make sure that you have some spare lipstick handy, after all there will be so many toasts on your wedding day!



One trick though deserves particular attention – the use of concealer kit and corrector. It is important that you face and neck area should appear to be of the same color and shade. Use the concealer kit and the corrector to hide any skin faults, however try not to put some on your wedding dress.

It is vital that you get a few try-out makeup sessions, s o spare no money. Being dissatisfied with the way you look is the last emotion that you want to feel on your big day! The same goes for your hair-cut. It is good to try something different, but you need to feel comfortable, so do not go for anything that just does not feel like yourself. Remember to have the hair-cut try-out sessions with your veil or tiara on just to be on the safe side.

Having said all of the above, I would like to advise you of the following – no matter how much makeup or what cosmetics you use it will all be in vain unless you have slept a good few hours. Make sure you are well hydrated – get a massage or relax in the bathtub, because even the smallest details matter when it comes to your wedding day!