Essie Nail Polish Colors

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Who women who do not like dress up? It is almost rare. Women are always trying to look beautiful in every occasion and place. Sometimes, some efforts are really extreme and spent a lot of money. But, that is exactly the nature of women. The passion to look perfect is every women want. Not just for the attire, but also for the body. They make some beautify effort to make their body, their hair, their teeth, their nail, even their part of bodies. Some do it with the natural way. Some other is doing that with surgery. But now, I will show you about beautify the finger nail with nail polish. And there is Essie nail polish colors which are one of the popular nail polish colors.

Best Essie Nail Polish Colors

Essie is a one of the most popular brand cosmetics nail polish in America. The quality is could not be doubt anymore. Essie nail polish colors have stood since 1981, and continue to go through the world of fashion cosmetics and nail art. If you are the woman who love to coloring your nail, Essie nail polish is the right answer. The colors which are offered by Essie are all perfect and beautiful color.

Opi Nail Polish Color Chart

Essie Nail Polish Swatches

Essie nail polish color also has the best quality of nail polish that would not harm your nail. It is really safe to be worn in your nail. The choice of color is also very rich, there are Essie neon nail colors Neons, Essie seasonal nail polish color, Essie-mesmerize, etc. Almost all of them are perfect for any occasions. The important things to be noticed is always keep your nail health and beautiful will do some self treatment or manicure. You could do that in the salon or at home when have a leisure time. Maintain our body to keep clean, health, and beauty is always the important thing to look beautiful.