Fashion laws of autumn 2013

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The 70s are coming back with geometric prints that bring the simple suits and cocktail dresses to colorful madness. Prada’s and Miu Miu’s collections are the anthem of this style. Same goes for Versus, Rochas and Louis Vuitton. The hypnotizing figures seem to dance and who doesn’t love magic?

The beautiful collection of Dolce&Gabbana reminded us of the Sun-king and the age of huge wigs and artificial moles. The baroque style came back in an unprecedented way to bring to light the abundance of gold and gems, accessories with angel forms, etc. The only thing left is to shout out loud “Fashion – that’s me!”


Knitting works:
Autumn requires us to take out from the bottom of our wardrobes the huge knitting works. The warm clothes from cashmere or wool is complementary to the leather trousers. It’s not a problem to wear it with a Lolita skirt – this autumn all weird styles are welcome. Which one is yours?


It’s so soft, tender and seductive that it becomes a necessity for autumn. And it is not only for special occasions. In most collections the king fabric can be seen in everyday trousers, blazers, tops with long sleeves and even light coats.