Fashion spring-summer 2013 Black and White

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The combination of black and white is classic that is present every season and for spring-summer 2013 this combination is looking to be the leading fashion trend. New collections are full of black and white clothes, shoes and accessories which is wonderful because there isn’t an easier way for creating fashionable combinations. Black and white is also very practical and appropriate for dressing in all styles and for all occasions. In this topic we will see how these colors are combined for the new season and what black and white clothes are offered by the leading designers for spring-summer 2013.

Fashion-Belief-Black- and-White

Black-below, White-above
This combination perfectly covers the problematic parts of the body. If you prefer elegant everyday clothes, choose black trousers with narrow legs and attractive top for the upper part or long black dress with a white blouse. Wide black trousers with a t-shirt and white sports jacket is a great combination for the fans of everyday sports clothes.

White blazer
The universal white blazer combines perfectly in an outfit for different occasions. You can wear it with a short black skirt or white shirt in the office. You can also wear it with black trousers or black and white dress for more elegant vision.

fashion-belef White-blazer

Black and white stripes
In some of the new collections we can see black and white stripes in different variants. We can choose a striped suit, blouse with horizontal stripes or a beautiful summer dress with stripes. As a rule of thumb vertical stripes prolong optically and horizontal stripes widen so take that in mind when choosing. These two colors – black and white – are a great example for being elegant and fashionable when choosing our new clothes.