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Men don’t give much importance to the way they dress, but that is not the case with the underwear. One simple principle men follow is “the simpler, the better”. Underwear is universal. Men from around the world are getting up in the morning and putting in their favorite pair of underwear, pants or knickers. There are many designer brands which produce men’s underwear and some of the most famous ones include Jockey, Hanes, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Guess, Armani, Diesel, and many more.

There are many styles of men’s underwear and today, we will talk to you about some of them.

Men's boxers

Boxer – This type of underwear give s men the loosest fit. They have a fly front with an elastic waistband. They are designed after the shorts that are worn in the ring by professional boxers.

boxer briefs

Boxer brief – The new boxer brief has the same styling of traditional biker pants, but it’s cut a little shorter on the thigh length.

Trunk – This type of underwear is similar to boxer briefs with one exception.The leg length of this type is shorter than boxer briefs.Trunk underwear is named and modeled after the swim trunks for men that were popular in the fifties.

Men's brief underwear

Brief – This is the classic style of men’s underwear and fits from their waist to the top of their thigh.The length of this underwear is shorter than boxer briefs but the sides are wider than bikinis.

Long underwear for men

Long underwear – This is the type of underwear that is often referred to as “long johns” and covers their entire leg to their ankle to give them an extra layer of warmth.

Most men wear standard underwear briefs when they go to work or when they are at the gym. But other men like to wear boxer shorts, which they claim are more comfortable. It all comes down to personal preferences when choosing the right underwear.



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