French Manicure with Crystals

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Almost all women dream of having long and beautiful nails, but this is definitely not an easy task to accomplish. However, a successful manicure is probably the best accessory to every outfit no matter what the occasion. That’s why you need to care well for your nails and they will always be a trendy accessory, whatever their length and decoration.

French manicure

In this post we have prepared for you a few ideas for French manicure with crystals. The French manicure is very simple, but beautiful and stylish nail art option. You can easily make your French manicure at home, using templates, or your can book an appointment at a nail salon and have your French manicure done by a professional. If you want any additional decoration with crystals, maybe it would be better to choose the second option, because crystals usually require some experience.

French manicure with crystals

Crystals are a beautiful option if you want to add a point of interest to your French manicure. When it comes to crystal nail decoration, you have many options. You can choose crystals with different shapes and sizes. You can also be extra creative with the patterns you want them to form on your nails. You can see some online tutorials and try to create your own nail art with crystals at home. For more complicated patterns, you may need the help of a professional with a lot of experience. Whatever option you choose, crystals will be a beautiful decoration for your French manicure.

crystal nail decoration

You can keep your French manicure simple and elegant, with classic white tips and a few crystals added or you can choose some other trendy color for the tips of your nails. Depending on the length of your nails, you may even choose more than one color. However, if you want to add crystal decoration to your French manicure, we suggest choosing only one color for the tips of your nail. You don’t want your nail art to look too flashy.

nail art with crystal decoration

The best thing about French manicure is that your nails will look naturally beautiful with it. This allows you to wear it with any outfit you want and on any occasion. A few crystals will add a wonderful finishing touch to your French manicure.



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