Fur clothing as winter’s top accessory

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Fur clothing has been around ever since the first people on this earth appeared. As a matter of fact, this was the most widely used clothing material back in the ages. Fur gives you comfort, keeps you warm in the chilly winter days and makes a fashion statement. With human progress, it has been replaced by different textiles, fabrics and materials and nowadays the people who wear furry clothes are considered to be quite wealthy.

fashion fur clothingThe truth is that fur clothing is leading the fashion charts every single winter. We see different styles, models and colors, but the furry fabrics are always on the catwalks. The followers of this fashion trend are by all means quite a few. Just as many, however, are the people who regard this as a violation of the way Mother Nature wants it to be. So many wild animals are slaughtered for this overly expensive clothing material. Unfortunately, no matter whether you are eager to listen to the appeals of the environmentalists or not, the fact remains – the desire to be fashionable and stylish prevails over our sympathy for the animals.


fur accessoriesA trend, which might to some extent lead to a compromise, is the so called faux fur. This type of fabrics, looks as good as the natural one, moreover in terms of expenses, it is much more acceptable. Therefore, it is becoming so popular nowadays – plenty of animals are being rescued this way, while at the same time you can still look classy at a reasonable price. Fur should be used mainly for accessories, though – hats, bags, shoes. Picture a person all dressed up in it, now that person would look ridiculous, wouldn’t they? The key to a fashionable and trendy outfit is not to overdo your concept – a small, but noticeable accessory item can do miracles.



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