Gold Collar Necklace for an Accent for your Appearance

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Do you know about Cleopatra? The Egypt princess? She has a dark straight hair with the beautiful face, some people said that. I do not know exactly whether Cleopatra is beautiful or not. I just see her in some ancient movie that sets in Egypt. And if you notice with what Cleopatra wear, you would found the gold collar necklace prettify her chest and neck. And that is Cleopatra who identical with gold collar necklace. And I think that her special necklace is awesome and extremely beautiful. But this time I won’t talk about Cleopatra. I would talk about the gold collar necklace that now is happening and become an up-trend jewelry among women.

Goldtone Collar Necklace

As we know, or maybe we are included, that women are loving jewelry especially gold. Gold is the most precious metal in the world that has the highest price and value. That is why, from long time ago until now, gold always become the precious thing to be keep and to be traded. It is because gold could become jewelry, for women or men, and could become an investment. And for your information, gold value time after time will always raises and never down. And one of the kinds of gold jewelry that now is really precious and gorgeous is gold collar necklace.

14k Gold Collar Necklace

Gold Collar Necklace Forever 21

Gold collar necklace is a necklace that has the wide size like collar. Can you imagine how heavy and precious that kind jewelry? If you have no idea about it, you could see some ancient Egypt era. Some women that the member of royal usually wear that kind of necklace. The necklace maybe look so big, but if you could mix and matching them with you minimalist dress, I sure that your appearance would be so stunning. This collar necklace matching with the plain and simple dress, because this necklace could be an accent for your appearance.