Hairstyle & trends spring-summer 2013

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During the spring-summer 2013 season, minimalistic tendencies could be observed as a contrast to the recent outburst of colors. The German cosmetic brand Alcina presented the trends in hairstyles for the summer-spring 2013 season with Paul Gehring’s collection “Party code – day and night”. The pastel nuances and neon colors of the fashion stages during the last seasons give way to the minimalistic.




During the next season the soothing white and the intensity of the black will present brilliance and tranquility. Opposites attract and unite but don’t fuse. The mystery of the black color, the fantasies, the dark longings and passion are with us during our nights and the white color that is full of light will play an important role during the summer of 2013 in order to bring some brilliance during the hot days. Spring and summer are subservient to the positive.




.The hairstyle trends reinvent the punk and rock styles from the 80’s and all of the other styles are a combination of these two. The most modern hair colors are retro view “déjà vu” or careless “California blond” as well as “baby blond” as synonyms of the absolute natural fusion of colors and accents.