Halloween nail art

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Nowadays nail art has taken over the world. You can find amazing nail art designs for every occasion. But since no holiday inspires nail art like Halloween, we would like to give you some ideas for easy DIY Halloween manicure.


Halloween nail artSpooky eyes. To create this pattern, you will need black nail polish, white nail polish, a straight pin with a ball on the head, a toothpick and top coat. Paint your nails black, the drop some of the white polish on a piece of paper and use the ball of the straight pin to paint the whites of the eyeballs. After this is done, drop some of the black polish on a piece of paper and with the toothpick, do the pupils. Cover with top coat and let it dry.


Halloween nail artSpider web. The things you need to create this design are black nail polish, white nail art pen and top coat. Begin by painting your nail black. After it’s dry, use the pen to paint the spider web. Simply make thin lines coming out of the tips of your nails and connect them with arching lines. Once the spider web is dry, apply the top coat.


Halloween nail artDripping blood. For this design you will need clear nail polish, red nail polish, toothpicks and top coat. Apply the clear nail polish and let it dry. Dip the toothpick in the red nail polish bottle, so that the tip collects a round bead of polish. Place it on the nail and drag it upwards, creating a tapered line. Create a few lines like this, re-dipping the toothpick for each one. After you’re done, drag a line across the tip of the nail and soften the curves between the line and the “drips” with the toothpick. After it dries, apply the top coat.


For other, more complicated patterns, you can use stickers or templates. Another option would be to visit a nail salon. After all, Halloween is all about looking you spookiest from head to toe.



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