Have a Beautiful Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights

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Blonde hair is the most western people original hair. Blonde hair is a color of hair that such a gold color. Ago, in west countries, blonde hair is admitted as the most beautiful color of hair. Have a blonde hair, at that time were a great boon, especially for women. But now, when the fashion has fast developing, and the technological sophistication, blonde hair is not a belle anymore. Many women who have blonde hair also want to try a different color to their hair with make a hair color or highlights. One of the new special hair colors is blonde hair with brown highlights.

Heavy Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

With brown highlight, women can make their blonde hair look more interesting than before. Blonde hair with brown highlight is makes the blonde hair and highlight is brown color. Highlights can make your hair look more life and shinny. If you have a straight hair, you can also try makes it curly, because blonde with brown highlight is will look more beautiful when your hair is curly or wavy. But straight hair is still if you do not want to make your hair damaged. Because make a hairstyle, hair color, or some kind like that can lose your healthy of hair and skin head.

Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Brown Hair Blonde Highlights Underneath

Blonde hair with brown highlights is a result that we got from mixing dark and light color of hair. So, it is the opposite,  if you have brown hair, you can go for blonde highlights. Brown hair with blonde highlights  also can looks really  beautiful and there are so many colors in the blonde shade that you can try out the different styles on your own taste. So, take a look and get ready to go to the salon and  make a beautiful blonde hair with brown highlights or brown hair with blonde highlights.