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Hippie is United States subculture that arose during the mid of 1960s and spread to other countries of USA and around the world. This subculture is about the youth movement. Hippie term is an etymology from hipster. Hipster was initially used to describe the movement of beatnik. Hippie is kind of boho and gipsy but has a different feature. Hippie’s people have a free spirit and some of them are have no settle hometown or current city. They are always move from someplace to the other place. I might be cannot describe exactly the different among hippie, boho, and gipsy style. But hippie style is looks more free and not as neat as boho style. There are some features about hippie clothes for women.

Hippie Clothes for Women Plus Size

Hippie clothes for women are some kinds of clothes that usually worn by hippies people. Hippie people are free spirit and movement people. They could not be restricted by some general rules or ordinary lifestyle. Like I said, they have a free spirit, likewise how they wear clothes. They have no standard about wearing clothes. They wear what they want to wear. And the feature hippie clothes for women are the sited on the headband, and the casual ethnic dresses.

Hippie Clothes for Women Are Romantic

Hippie Costumes Women

For some people, might be hippie clothes for women look like a careless wear and style. Because, some of hippie people sometimes just wear a really casual clothes which are comfort to wear and not neat. I always think that their life are really free and fun. They do not think what mostly people think and say. They just want to enjoy their life with their own way. We can see from their way to wear short pants, t-shirt, boots, and headband. Headband and the hair flowing is the most characteristic of the hippie women style.