How to choose lingerie for a Valentine’s Day gift

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If you haven’t decided yet what to buy for your wife or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, you might consider the idea of buying lingerie. This has become a somewhat classic gift for this holiday. And if you’re not sure how to choose lingerie for the woman in your life, we have prepared some tips for you.

First, decide where you’re going to shop for lingerie – online or at a local retail store. The main advantage of the store is that you can take a good look at everything and feel the fabric of the items. However, not all men are comfortable shopping for lingerie. And if you get too nervous, you might end up choosing something inappropriate. Sometimes, the sales people can get you even more confused, if you’re nervous and are not sure what you’re looking for. It is easier to shop for lingerie online. However, if you choose this option, make sure the store’s return policy is acceptable to you.


If you’re going to buy lingerie for your wife or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, make sure you know her size. This might require some investigation on your part. Check out her underwear drawer and examine the labels. If you’re going to buy lingerie online, keep in mind that manufacturers’ sizing may vary considerably, so if you’re not sure, better email the seller for details. A good seller will respond quickly. If they don’t, then you probably can’t expect them to ship the items quickly enough.


The style of the lingerie is maybe the hardest choice you’ll have to make. Think what excites you both and what will turn you on. You’ll be faced with many different choices, so take your time and choose carefully. It is helpful to consider how close you are and for how long you’ve been together. You might need to choose something more casual, made from silk, satin or lace. Alternatively, you can get something really bold like leather, PVC or vinyl. If you choose PVC or leather, you need to be careful with the choice of size. These outfits might need some discussing in advance, before purchasing.

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If you can’t choose anything, a gift voucher for her favorite lingerie brand might be the ideal choice. This alternative is better than choosing the wrong size or style. You can always offer to help her with the choice, when she goes out shopping for lingerie.



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