How to choose the best flower girl dress

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Imagine a beautiful flower girl, walking down the aisle with a basket, full of petals or flowers, scattering them around. If you want to have a flower girl in your wedding procession, you will want to choose the best dress for her. There are several thing to keep in mind.

An important factor to consider, is the size of the dress. A flower girl is usually aged about four to eight, which means she grows very quickly. If the wedding is a year away and the dress fits perfectly now, chances are it won’t fit on the wedding day. Consider purchasing a dress one size bigger, just to be safe. When the big day gets closer, you can always have it re-sized, in case it is too big.

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Of course, the style of the dress is also very important. But choosing the style, do not forget the comfort of the little flower girl. Avoid dresses, made of itchy fabric or trim. You don’t want the flower girl on your wedding to walk down the aisle wiggling, scratching or pulling at her dress. It would look cute, if the dress of the flower girl is a mini version of the bride’s dress. Another option is for the dress to match the dresses of the bridesmaids.

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The fabric of the flower girl dress in also another thing to consider. Choose a dress, made of high-quality fabric. This will keep in comfortable and wrinkle-free. Keep in mind that your flower girl probably won’t sit still through the ceremony and reception. Pick a fabric that will stay neat and pretty, and won’t be easily wrinkled or torn.

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Before the bride walks down the aisle, the flower girl is usually the center of attention. Her dress should make her feel happy and at ease. It should match the color and style of the wedding, and also the season the  event takes place. Since the wedding is a day to remember, make sure the flower girl is dressed in her best.



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