How to choose the perfect shoes for the bride

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The right shoes for the wedding day must match the bride, the day and the dress. It is also very important your shoes to be comfortable, because you will have to wear them through the ceremony, the photo session and the reception. Learning how to select the right shoes for your wedding is not that difficult.

Having in mind that comfort is the key, you need to pick the right heel height. The wedding day involves long hours of standing upright. Choose the heel height you are most comfortable with. When you get the shoes, practice walking in them before the big day to break them in. Also, make sure that the wedding shoes will be appropriate for the place of the ceremony. For example, heels don’t work well on beaches and stone walkways.

wedding shoes

Choose the shoe color that will complement the wedding dress. You can opt for shoes that match the gown color or pick a different shade from the dress, that matches your accessories, like gold or silver. You may also want to check out shoes, adorned with beads, pearls, sequins and rhinestones.

open-toe bridal shoes

Match the style of your shoes to your dress and the occasion. Take into account the formality of the wedding, the style of your dress and the season. Silk, closed shoes will look great with traditional, full-skirted gown. Alternatively, satin, open-toe shoes will work well with open-back, satin, summer gown. If the style of you wedding is more informal, you can go for more casual shoes, like ballet slippers or embellished sandals.

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In order for you to choose the right shoes for your big day, consider the whole wedding journey. If there are specific looks you want to achieve, allow your shoes to help you accomplish your goal. Opt for shoes that will make you and your groom look good.



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