How to choose women’s fragrances

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All fragrances fall into certain family groups like floral, woody, spicy, fresh and so on. Most people tend to choose fragrances within the same family group of smells. This happens because the fragrances from this family create happy memories or just because they stimulate their olfactory receptors.


When you are looking for new fragrances, you should look at what you already like and try to find new fragrances within this family group of smells. For example, if you like floral fragrances, you will probably find a new perfume you like from the floral family.


When choosing new fragrances, you should consider when they will be worn. Many fragrances are designed for different periods of the day. You need to decide if you are going to wear the new perfume during the day, in the evening or just for fun. We suggest choosing light fragrances for the day and more intense fragrances for the evening.


Before you begin trying new fragrances, you need to determine how much you are willing to spend. The shop assistants can help you with choices that will suit your budget.

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Keep in mind that the fragrances you like on somebody else may not smell the same on you. This is because they react uniquely on different skin types and in different conditions like body temperature, diet, weather and so on.


When selecting new fragrances, you shouldn’t try more than three fragrances at any one time. Otherwise, they will all start smelling the same, because your nose becomes de-sensitized. When trying new fragrances, you will need to take a break, take a deep breath through the nose and smell your sleeve. This will help clear your nose of any lingering perfume notes.

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When you try new fragrances, apply them to your wrist. This will get you the truest representation of how the perfume will smell on you. If you get confused, it is best to ask the shop assistant to help you with your choice.



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