How to decorate a pair of old jeans

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Decorating a pair of old jeans is a pretty fun experience. Jeans are practically indestructible, but just like all clothes, they might have a few minor problems, such as a tear, which over time may expand or their color may fade.

You can decorate your pair of old jeans with lace, which is quite trendy for this winter. Simply buy black or white lace. You don’t need to look for high-quality lace; after all you are just going to decorate a pair of old jeans. Use the lace as a background for tears or place it on your pockets. You don’t have to be very precise with the stitches either – just make a few stitches to attach it. This operation may get a bit more complicated for the pockets, since you will probably need a sewing machine. In this case, it would be best to use transparent thread, so that you won’t be able to see anything. The easiest way to decorate a pair of old jeans with lace is to use tape lace, which doesn’t require to be sewn.


You can also decorate a pair of old jeans with beads. This is an easy and fun way to bring more life to any pair of old jeans. The best spot to place the beads is around the pockets. Take a piece of chalk, draw a pattern on the jeans and attach the beads with hot glue.


Another way to make a pair of old jeans look more interesting and attractive is to use bleach for darker-colored fabric or dye for light-colored jeans. Mix some bleach with hot water and use a sponge to discolor certain areas, for example under the knees and the pockets in the back. Alternatively, you can dye a pair of old jeans to make the look as good as new.

bleached jeans

Try these options to decorate a pair of old jeans and share your thoughts with us.



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