How to Draw a Dress with Pencil and Paper

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Do you want to become a designer? Or, do you want to create an original dress design by yourself? If the answer is yes, you have to learn how to draw a dress.  Especially if you just a limited stuff like pencil, eraser, and paper to make some design. Truly, most of designer still use pencil and paper to draw their design of dress though the technology of drawing is have advanced. For me, drawing a dress design with pencil is easier than with mouse or pencil TABLET in computer software. But is still depends on you.


How to Draw a Dress Sketch

If you have been have a pencil, eraser, and paper, you are ready to begin draw a dress.  I will show you how to draw a dress with pencil and paper. First of all, imagine the pose of model that will be worn your draw dress. Then, also imagine the design of dress that you want to draw. Do not imagine the detail first, just the overall shape. After that, try to display it through your hand with draw it. Do not hesitation or afraid to make a sketch of your design, just fell free and let it flow.

How to Draw a Dress Step by Step for Kids

How to Draw a Wedding Dress

After you success to draw the shape or design of the dress, then you can draw the details. Draw the details after erase the failed scratch first. After you finished draw the detail of the dress, then you can coloring that picture. Coloring is the most fun activity in drawing a dress. You can use water color, pencil colors, or markers to coloring the draw. I prefer to use pencil color for the beginner drawer. But if you have been sure how to draw a dress and coloring them, you can try water color or markers. Good luck!