How to make our lips look thicker

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Thick lips are super sexy, soft and desirable which makes many women want to have such lips. There are a couple of ways to reach this effect without surgical intervention such as Botox injection. You can actually have thick lips with just a couple of tricks that you can perform at home and most likely you already have everything needed. This is our advice for thick lips without surgical intervention:



One of the ways to get thick and soft lips is to exfoliate them. You can use a soft toothbrush after you had put some balsam on your lips – simply massage them. This helps the blood circulation in your lips which immediately makes them bigger. The effect is temporary but you can make it permanent if you apply this procedure more frequently. You can also use sugar as an exfoliant. Just mix some sugar with water and exfoliate your lips, while being careful not to melt the sugar with too much water.
Another way is to use lipstick just a couple of tones brighter than your daily lipstick. The trick here is to put the brighter lipstick on the internal part of your lips first and after that to put your daily lipstick by outlining the external part of the lips.





This may sound a bit weird by it is a fairly effective way to get thicker lips. All you need is a soft liner in a bright brownish nuance. Put the liner right under your lower lip without going out of the borders of your lips. The dark nuances make your lips look smaller, no matter how big they are. Bright nuances, especially the shining ones, make your lips thicker and luscious.