How to wear a shirt with jeans

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A lot of guys encounter problems, when they’re trying to combine a shirt with a pair of jeans. Matching the two together can be pretty frustrating sometimes. In this post, we will give you a few simple tips.

There are many complex rules out there for pairing a shirt with jeans, but there are a few simple rules of color coordination. Remember that white shirts look good with pretty much any color of pants – blue jeans, black jeans, navy jeans, and even Khaki pants.

Gray compliments really well bright colors. Usually, they go hand in hand together. If you want to wear a shirt in some bright color like red, yellow or orange, combine it with a pair of gray jeans. You can even add a gray jacket to tone the color and match it well together.


If you’re trying to achieve a more elegant look, you can try the combination of black jeans with a black shirt. In this case you may need to accessorize. Maybe you can add a tie to this outfit in gray, red, brown, burgundy, green or even white. Like we already said, white goes with anything.


Another rule to follow, when matching a pair of jeans with a shirt is avoid wearing colored jeans in this combination. You don’t want the jeans to be brighter than the shirt or at the center of attention. As a rule, the shirt should have more color than the jeans. Keep in mind that people will notice the brighter piece first.

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These are basically the easiest-to-follow rules, when combining a shirt and a pair of jeans in one outfit. Grays go with bright colors, white looks good with everything, match blacks with mid-colors like red, brown, burgundy or green, avoid bright jeans. Have some fun matching the different colors in your outfit.



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