How to wear your winter boots

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You’ve checked out the latest trends in women’s winter boots. Maybe, you’ve even bought the perfect pair, following all these online tips. But how to combine them with your favorite winter outfits?

Boots combine perfectly with a dress or a skirt. If you don’t want to go beyond the dress code in your office, you should pay strict attention to the style of the dress or skirt. You will need to choose narrow shaft boots for pencil skirts, A-line or straight-cut skirts. They fit your calves tightly and don’t stand out as much. Boots with heels or wedges will add elegance to your style. For wider-cut skirts, choose wider boots. You may choose fur boots. This will give you more country-style look and is best for women, who want to achieve harmony larger top and slimmer legs.

office outfit

fur boots with a dress

Skinny pants, tucked into boots is also a great combination. This is a perfect option for every day. For the office, it will probably be best to choose boots with heels or wedges. For a more casual outfit, you can get whatever type of boots you like and combine them with your favorite pair of jeans. But in any case, if you are going to tuck your trousers into the boots, they will have to be skinny, otherwise you will feel discomfort in the ankles, because the pants will bundle into the shafts.

boots with trousers

boots with skinny jeans

Over-the-knee boots look should definitely be worn in combination with short dresses and skirts. So if you are going to get a pair of over-the-knee boots, consider your body type. You don’t want to feel and look awkward and uncomfortable. Also, keep in mind that you will have to wear thick tights or leggings, especially in the chilliest days. Be careful not to turn this outfit into a fashion disaster.

over-the-knee boots

Choose winter boots that will keep your feet dry and warm. Make sure you are comfortable with them and keep in mind that the streets can get pretty slippery. Make your choice according to the rest of your wardrobe.



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