Leading colors in the forthcoming fashion trends for women

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Autumn is virtually on the doorstep, so it is time for us to take a closer look at the upcoming trends in the women fashion, placing the focus on the leading colors. The pieces of clothing, which will be scrutinized, will be coats, stockings and high boots, as well some of the decoration trends in women clothing.

First and foremost, let us point out that high boots and stockings are back for good. Not only this, they will certainly dominate the shoe fashion in the opening season, so it is a good idea to start window shopping in case you the old pair is no good.



Moving forward, we have the dominant coats. This is definitely no surprise, unless of course we pay no attention to the leading colors. Black seems to be replaced by neon yellow and hot pink. And for the brown lovers, well let us just say that red and green seem to be making their way up by pushing down the old fashioned brown coat.






There are also some new tendencies in clothing decoration. Prints for example seem to be the current number one; they do vary in style and shapes! One thing, however, could not be overlooked – cartoon heroes seem to dominate the world of fashion prints.
Rounding up the article, it is worth noting that that the crocodile style in the apparel fashion seems to have crawled back. This time however, it is not just coats or bags, now we are talking about skirts and blouses as well. The dominating colors are olive green, burgundy, blue, brown and black!