Look Sweet and Neat with Plain Purple Sweater Vest

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When I was in high school, I really loved wear sweater vest when went to school. I just felt that wearing sweater vest was a cool thing. I even collected them. I had the brown color, blue, and the red. Sometimes, my English teacher asked me to take off the sweater vast, because it was not allowed in school. Wearing jacket, cardigan, sweater, vest were not allowed by school, because we were already had the uniform. And that was funny experience at school about sweater vest. Today, I almost never wear them again. But I love look at people with sweater vest, especially plain purple sweater vest. Besides remind me with my funny experience in high school, I also love the way sweater vest make the wearer look neat and trendy.

Plain Purple Sweater Vest

Maybe some people considered that wearing sweater vest make the wearer look nerd, but I don’t think so. Sweater vest make people look smart, neat, nice, and goo looking. I always love the way people wearing them. And maybe plain purple sweater vest is the most favorite one. How about you? Are you also like it? I think plain purple sweater vest is sweet and cute. Some people maybe would rather to wear the motif sweater vest, but I think the plain sweater vest is more could be worn with any kind of outfits. Yes, because plain make it neutral.

Purple Sweater Vest For Men

Plain Purple Sweater Vest Photos

For you who like wearing or collect some sweater vest, maybe you must have this plain purple sweater vest. Because, besides could make you good looking, wearing sweater vest also could make you comfort and feel warm when the weather is cold. Mix it with shirt to work also a good work style attire. It make a casual but neat and proper. So, get your sweater vest and wear them for your daily nice activities.