Make some Nail Polish Design at Home

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What favorite girl activity that usually do when leisure time? Some women will answer, having some beauty treatment in a salon. Some other women will answer go to some store and shopping, etc. But for me, besides going somewhere, I prefer to stay at home and spend time with my nail polish. This is such a fun activity for me. I will make some experimental nail design with apply some nail polish design to my nails. Create some nail art designs is really fun and exciting. I could spend many hours to do that. And maybe you want to try it.

Fading Nail Polish Design

Actually spend leisure time with friend is more fun than spend time alone. So, you could invite your friends and make some nail polish design with your friends. Make it with many people would more fun and easy. Because, at some moment you will feel difficult when you begin to beautify your left or your right hand.  So, you need some help from other people to make it for you. And that is what the friend are for. Have a nice chatting, joking, and some fun nail art with friend is such a wonderful. Life is beautiful isn’t it?

Nail Polish Design Tumblr

Creative Nail Design Polish

And if you interesting to try some nail polish design to your nail, you could prepare some stuff first like nail polish, nail polish remover, base coat, top coat. Some nail polish design actually could create it by your own way. But, you could also search it in the internet. There are really huge designs of nail polish and nail arts. Just choose your favorite one and apply it with you or your friend’s nail. Do not forget to keep your hands move. It is important in order to you nail art design would not ruined. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare your nail polish and call your friends!