Melody Ehsani’s jewelry

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Accessory designers succeeded in turning the elegant jewelry, bags and shoes into obligatory elements of every dress. Small details are actually extremely important, that’s why it is necessary to be in step with the jewelry fashion trends. Melody Ehsani is one of the most impressive jewelry designers who has a huge impact on the imposing of big forms and bright colors in jewelry

fashionbelief pic.imageAccording to her biography, she wants to break in two the equilibrium with her ideas. Her jewelry designs are influenced by many different cultures and pop-motives. Customers of this brand can choose from a wide specter of necklaces, ear-rings, rings and bracelets that are decorated with elegant images, gems and metal details.


Many celebrities already chose Melody Ehsani’s products. Cassie, Rihanna and other celebrities add to their ultra-modern vision with the unique products of the designer. You can check the incredible jewelry collection of necklaces, rings and ear-rings and see what the hottest trends are. One of the biggest advantages of this collection, except the uniqueness is its price. The Egyptian style of the jewelry helped a lot for its popularization. This incredible designer uses elements of the Egyptian culture in order to make her brand popular in the world fashion scene.