Men’s sandals – 2014 summer fashion tips

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Almost all men can’t wait for the summer to begin so they can break out their sandals. Choosing footwear for the summer months can often become a bit of a hassle. During the hot season, we all want to feel as comfortable as possible, without the risk of our feet overheating.  Sandals remain quite controversial though. Most people even rank them below flip-flops on their to-wear list and some men dismiss them as feminine. These facts however, are proven wrong by the huge number of designer collections which have favored sandals as the footwear of choice, by using interesting effects and design techniques with a goal to modernize their style.


Dolce and Gabbana have included woven leather sandals with wooden soles and buckle fastenings, Kenzo also showcased thick-strap sandals. Most of the designers have chosen to pair their sandals with socks. This might turn people off, due to the fact that during the summer, everyone is trying to get out of socks and other accessories, so feel free to wear the sandals whichever way you like. This trend will take over men’s fashion in 2014. Not so popular in 2013, but it is growing as you are reading.


Sandals aren’t only an essential part of a man’s summer wardrobe, they are also one of the most comfortable ways to travel during the warm summer months. A high number of designers have a whole line of very casual and relaxed sandals, for when you’re going to a carnival, hitting the beach or just grabbing some beers with your buddies. With sandals still an underused footwear silhouette, even simple leather versions are enough to subtly separate your look from the crowd. Similar styles which will lead the footwear trend in 2014 are the sandal hybrids.


I would go for the sandals in summer 2014. Tell us what you think and what your opinions are on summer footwear. Are you like most people who just stick to their flip-flops?



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