Modern and luxury car accessories

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Not too many things can stir the soul like an expensive car. And usually, people who are obscenely wealthy and buy top class, luxury vehicles, have a tendency to go a bit too far with the luxury car accessories. In this post, we will show you some of the craziest, ridiculously expensive and plainly gaudy car accessories.


There is no better way to make a fashion statement than wearing diamonds. Various accessories like sunglasses, purses, belts and cell phones are decorated with diamonds. One of the latest additions to this list is a set of Ferrari car keys, studded with precious metals and diamonds. The first Ferrari car key, decorated with diamonds was created by SP Green & Co. A total of 1160 pieces of a rare variety of diamonds has been encrusted on the key. The total diamond weight adds up to 7 carat. Thus, customizing the car keys adds a new meaning to owning a Ferrari. We imagine the idea is to enhance the appearance of the key, making it more exclusive. Car accessories are important, right?

Ferrari car key

If you’re lucky enough to afford a Roll-Royce Phantom, you get to choose from several options for the roof of your car. If you love watching the starry sky at night, you can go for a moon roof, so that you can occasionally glance up at the stars, as you drive your new Rolls-Royce Phantom. People, who want a bunch of LED lights that are supposed to look like start in the roof of the car, should prepare to give another $12 350 for this additional option. Not that paying a little extra for car accessories will be a problem, if you’re purchasing a Roll-Royce Phantom.

starlight roof

You’re sad, because the interior of your bran new Mercedes doesn’t remind you of your new kitchen countertops? Well, this problem can be easily solved with just $2 650 extra for a granite trim option on the Mercedes CL. Choose only the best-quality materials for the interior trim of your car. Only the best pieces of granite are selected and cut into wafer-thin sheets. A patented method is then used for finishing. Only then can the granite be used as veneer and shaped as required. The granite trim has a unique shimmer that changes according to the light and transforms the interior of your new Mercedes into a real eye-catcher.

granite trim

Why not make the most easily-stolen part of your car also the most expensive part of your car with the Asanti’s diamond-encrusted rims. For true car lovers, a set of new rims is one of the most important car accessories. Asanti’s diamond-encrusted 22-inch wheels are one of the most unique rims you will ever see. And if diamonds are not really your thing, just let Asanti know and they will put on rubies or sapphires instead. And this is really affordable. You don’t have to pay $3 million or even $2 million to inspire class envy in every one on the road. These new rims will cost you only $1 Million! Just make sure you pick the right precious stones to match the color of the car. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about walking out to your car to find your rims gone. Asanti will give you a 24-hour security guard to watch your rims for the first year.

diamond-encrusted rims

If you really want to have only the best car accessories for your new vehicle, we suggest buying a Maybach Zeppelin perfume atomizer. It will take your favorite perfume and spray its aroma at predetermined intervals, making the interior of your car smell just the way you want. This is one of the must-have car accessories for people, who must constantly smell the trendiest designer perfumes, while driving to a dinner soirée or something like that.

perfume atomizer



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