Nail art in fresh, spring colors

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The spring season is not that far away. It is time to plan new outfits for your wardrobe, get some new accessories in fresh, spring colors, think of a new hairstyle and maybe look for some spring ideas for nail art. In this post, we will show you a few nail art designs, perfect for the approaching spring.

green nail art

This nail art is done by a professional, using neon green acrylic on clear nail tips with black stripes to jazz it up a bit. However, you can create a similar nail art design at home with any ordinary nail polish you have. Start by applying a base coat. Wait for the base coat to dry and the use nail strips for French manicure for precision. Paint the tips of your nails with green nail polish and let them dry completely. Then, carefully remove the strips. If the green nail polish is not completely dry, you might smudge the tips. Take black nail polish and a toothpick to paint the black stripes. Use the picture for guidance. Seal the nail art design with top coat.

orange nail art

Another color, suitable for spring nail art is orange. To create this design, apply a base coat first. After the base coat dries, apply a coat of yellow nail polish. Before you proceed, make sure the nail polish is dry. Take orange nail polish and paint rough French tips. Again, wait for the nail polish to dry. Then, take orange glitter and cover the tips of your nails, hiding the rough, sharp line of orange nail polish. If you use super fine glitter, you will need to apply a second coat. To finish this nail art design, apply top coat.

nail art

This nail art is also done by a professional, this time using gel. You can create a similar nail art design at home with materials you have at hand. Start by applying a base coat. After it dries, use French manicure nail strips to paint the tips. Before the French tips dry, apply dipper nail glitter in whatever color you like. Use a brush to remove the excess glitter. Wait for a few minutes and carefully remove the strips. To get the floral decoration, you can use nail stickers. Apply a sticker to the corner of each nail. You can use more stickers, if you like. Seal the nail art design with top coat.

There are many more nail art designs, suitable for your spring outfits. Some of them are quite simple and can be done at home. Others require the hand of a professional.



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