Nail Polish Trends for the Cute and Trendy Style

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I still remember when I was first time love to wear nail polish to beautify my finger nail. It is about six years ago, when I was high school. I often wear many color of nail polish and change it every week. Some of my girlfriends also followed this nail polish trends. Nail polish trend, for us was just some fun and exciting girl activity if the day at school was boring, or when we have nothing to do at home. I loved to spend my leisure time to beautify our self one of them with colored my finger nail with nail polish.

Celebrity Nail Polish Trends

Maybe, nail polish trends also happened at your teen age, or maybe until you adult. And I think it just a normal think. Because almost every women love to make something to them. Some women love to have a beauty treatment, have some hairstyle, buy some cute dresses, and coloring their nails. I think those women things just common and ordinary done by women and girls. Some people called it a women destiny or desire. Because, mostly women have the same desire and wants like to have a beautiful appearance in many ways. Maybe if you are women, you understand how exactly the things.

2012 Nail Polish Trends

Nail Polish Design Trends

Nail polish trend is a trend of nail polish color that liked to be applied on women and girls finger nail. I just like let the nail plain is not women and girls want. They want their nails look beautiful and cute with many kinds of color and maybe print. Women always pay more attention to little things and details. Women love wearing some little things like accessories and doing something to their body part. In those all are women nature. Other women would be really understand about all of these, include me.