Neon shoes for spring-summer 2013

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The fashion trends for summer 2013 show dominance of the graphic prints and multi-color gleams. Clothes become transparent, flounces are added to the sleeves and collars, and jewelry is bound around the neck. Patchworks, transparencies, stripes and flounces are the current topics of fashion.

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Fashion trends for shoes spring-summer 2013

Femininity, elegance and summer extravagance define the shoes models for spring-summer 2013. The list with the most-preferred shoes starts with sports models and elegant, comfortable shoes with flat soles. Moccasins are also very fashionable now. Wedge-shaped shoes and slippers along with open and close heel-shoes are extremely trendy as well. Metal applications as well as decorative gems are irreplaceable in this context. Not only pastel tones are new here, but also candy colors that are bright and sparkling as well as neon nuances that create furor.

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   Open and closed heel-shoes: undoubtedly this type of shoes bring the waft of summer and continue to be one of the most preferred alternatives to sandals and slippers.

   Sports models: colorful and fashionable – the new sneakers can be shown absolutely everywhere. They are extremely comfortable for    your feet and bring youthful image.

   New flat shoes: the choice here is huge: sports shoes for your spare time and the new models such as moccasins and sneakers.