Neon Yellow Dress for the Spring

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Neon colors were a super trend last summer. And that’s no surprise, because the sunny weather is all about brightness, joyfulness and fun. Neon colors can also make you stand out from the crowd. In this post, we will give you a few suggestions for wearing a neon yellow dress this spring.

It may be hard to rock a neon yellow dress without looking like a twelve year-old girl. That kind of dress is really bright and flashy. That’s why you will need to combine it with more neutral colors to get a more toned look. Black, white and brown are great colors to combine with a neon yellow dress. They will prevent you from going over the top. You can try out the combination of neon yellow dress and a black or brown coat or jacket. You can also add shoes, belt and handbag in neutral colors to the outfit.


If you want to wear a neon yellow dress, keep in mind that neon colors tend to enlarge the body. That’s why this type of outfit is suitable for people with lean bodies with no curves. Otherwise, the dress will just emphasize your flaws. However, you can use this property of the neon colors to help you balance out your proportions. For example, if your body is shaped like a pear, choose a dress with neon yellow top and dark or neutral bottom. Alternatively, if you have a larger top part, choose a dress with dark top and neon yellow skirt.

neon yellow top

If you’re not used to wearing bright colors, you might want to be careful with the choice of neon yellow dress. Choose a simple and classic design, like the one Jennifer Lopez wore in Brazil in 2012. It looked really elegant and stylish, without going over the top. The bright color will give new life to the simple life of the dress and make it less boring. On the other hand, the classic shape of the dress makes the color look great for most occasions.

classic shape

Trying out new looks and styles, like a neon yellow dress, is always a positive experience. However, if you don’t think it works for you, just leave it. If you wear something that disagrees with your personal style, it will show and make the outfit look awkward on you. And the most important thing in an outfit is to be comfortable and make you feel confident. Before buying a neon yellow dress, make sure the color looks good with your hair color and skin tone, and that you feel good wearing this bright, sunny color.

neon yellow dress

When you’re choosing a neon yellow dress, keep in mind that this color is not appropriate for all occasions. For example, if you’re going for a walk at the beach or the park, you don’t need to worry about the color. You can even choose an outfit, which combines more than one neon color. Actually, these are the perfect places to experiment with neon colors and see if you’ll be comfortable wearing them. Absolutely avoid wearing a neon yellow dress at a black-tie event or at the office. If you’re work environment is not too formal, you can choose small neon accessories.

yellow dress

If you’re already looking for new additions for your spring / summer wardrobe, consider buying a neon yellow dress. It’s fun and bright, and there are many possible combinations with different shoes and accessories. Just go to the mall and try out a few dresses. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing this color, you don’t need to buy anything. Who knows, you might discover just the thing your wardrobe is missing.



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