Net Clothes = New Appearance

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Are you fed up of the same old clothes on the hanger and in your wardrobe? If you are looking for a change in your appearance there must be an “internal” reason for this. Maybe you’ve met a new person in your life? Or you just started a new job? You will have to find what inspires you and get to work.

Grab a new fashion magazine or start browsing the Internet – you may start feeling dizzy from the diversity of ideas. Switch on the TV and look for a fashion channel. If you don’t like anything that’s great – you already know what you don’t want! Let’s go to the next step.


Going shopping!
You already know what models you are looking for. What about the colors? Most women are surrounded by black and dark-blue clothes. There’s nothing wrong in the neutral colors but they can easily get boring. Don’t hesitate do try bright blouses, blue trousers, yellow skirts, orange dresses.


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Diversify what’s available
Maybe you have some clothes that you love wearing quite often. Trousers with white shirt and a blazer, long dress, low boots… We all have at least a couple of garments that save us in moments when we wonder what to wear. Combine printed trousers with bright blouses, black tank top, blue shirt…A too short skirt could be worn with your new jeans. Don’t hesitate to improvise!