Nightmare before Christmas Costume of Halloween Cosplay

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Have ever seen Nightmare before Christmas? That is a stop motion musical fantasy horror movie which directed by Henry Selick in America 1993. The Story is tell about Jack Skellington, who from “Halloween town” than opens a portal to “Christmas town”. Then he decides to celebrate the holiday. After this movie appear, there many stuff and things that use the nightmare before Christmas theme or print. Like t-shirt, clock, mug, and some stuff like souvenir. Not just the stuff or souvenir, Nightmare before Christmas also become on-trend and happening among people. Especially, when Halloween and some festival, people use the nightmare before Christmas costume for Halloween costume or for festival costume.

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Costume

The event that make people wear a certain costume for an event is cosplay. Cosplay is a way or event which is a person wear some costume of popular figure in movie or kind of like that. They also wear some make ups which is similar even almost alike with the genuine figure. When Halloween or some cosplay even, there many people who like to wear nightmare before Christmas costume. The men usually wear the figure of Jack Skeliington. They wear a tuxedo, use some make ups to make their face as same as Jack Skellington. Jack Skellington costume is such stripes tuxedo with skull pumpkin head.

Nightmare Before Christmas Costume Ideas

Nightmare Before Christmas Costume Kids

And the other of nightmare before Christmas costume after Jack Skellington is Sally, the lady of nightmare before Christmas. Sally is women figure in nightmare before Christmas who has long red hair, greenish white face, patchwork colorful clothes and boots. The several side of her face is contains seams. The two of those character are often worn by people as a cosplay costume for some event of Halloween. Because the genre is horror. So if you confuse to decide what kind of costume that could be worn or some horror event, you might be try this nightmare before Christmas costume.