Prada spring / summer 2014 jewelry collection

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Prada has released a new jewelry collection for spring / summer 2014. The collection includes cuffs, earrings, bangles and bracelets. The new jewelry collection features a hibiscus flower, spotlighted in the accessories line. Gold and palladium finishes bring an opulent touch to the new jewelry collection.

Prada jewels

Just looking at these mind-blowing pieces, you can tell it’s a spring collection. The color palette is really adorable and engaging. Green, turquoise, coral, burgundy, yellow, red, pink, light blue and orange are the used shades and they have the ability to hypnotize you right away. The pieces in Prada’s new jewelry collection feature unique design and great style.

Prada jewelry

The spring / summer 2014 jewelry collection of Prada includes 12 bracelets of different widths and designs and four pairs of earrings so far. We just can’t wait for the other pieces to come out. The incredible cuffs and bangles can match any of your favorite outfits. The bracelet that deserves special attention is the one featuring two hibiscus flowers in turquoise, coffee, yellow and coral. The flowers are not made of precious gemstones, but the item is still incredibly appealing.

Prada earrings

A pair of earrings that will definitely blow your mind features a myriad of tiny sparkling gemstones and a beautiful coral stone, framed by shining crystals. This peace in the new jewelry collection looks quite heavy to wear, but who wouldn’t be willing to make a small sacrifice.

Prada jewelry collection

The items in the new Prada spring / summer 2014 jewelry collection are worth the title masterpieces. And if you need some kind of inspiration to guide you through the next three cold and windy months, take a look at the new Prada jewelry collection for spring / summer 2014. Gold and palladium are probably the two words that will definitely get your attention. Check out these adorable items and let us know what you think in the comments below.



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